Precision landscaping
& site preparation, Wanaka

Terrain Masters - from foundation to finish

Tera Firma marries years of experience applying a precision focus to difficult terrain with a passion for landscaping perfection. Our specialty is sculpting technical contours with the lightest of footprints.

We can assist with land sculpting, concrete, driveway and planting preparation, ponds and more for your large residential or lifestyle property.

The Tera Firma team

John Melville is the owner/operator of Tera Firma. He’s a vastly experienced operator with years of experience creating and constructing landscapes with heavy machinery. He’s transitioned from over a decade in the snow industry having created top level freestyle venues at two Winter Olympics so deeply understands the land and how to maximise it to it’s full potential.  John is renown for his meticulous attention to detail with his work and shows an unwavering dedication to his craft when needing to have a project finished on time.

He prides himself on being friendly, reliable and passionate about his finished work. He’d be more than happy to meet you onsite and quote for all your site preparation and landscaping requirements. Contact him on 021 606 948 or